Welcome to the Companion Website for the iBook 'Return to Wolf Creek' created by Sharp Agency under license to Emu Creek Pictures Pty. Ltd.

This website is for all the fans of the film Wolf Creek and purchasers of the iBook 'Return to Wolf Creek'. It has heaps of info about the iBook as well as  hearing the blood curdling screams posted by iBook users in 'Mick's Drawer of Screams'. These screams are available for developers to access for movies and games.

We hope you enjoy your trip back to Wolf Creek and here's hoping we see Mick again soon . . . .

Wolf Creek 2 - will it help the Return to Wolf Creek BookApp?

12 March 2014

Well, after years of waiting we finally got to see Wolf Creek 2.

Reviews have been mixed with some saying it's too little, too late and others saying it back to the glory days of Aussie horror.

I guess we will see if the fact that it hit No.1 at the Aussie Box Office will get this BookApp finally selling. It was, afterall meant to be released originally at the same time as Wolf Creek 2 when it was originally slated for release some 18months ago.

Fingers crossed that people are still interested in the making of the Original Wolf Creek.

Finally!! Wolf Creek 2 arrives

07 February 2014

Well it's been a long wait but Wolf Creek 2 is finally going to screen in Cinemas this March!

For those not familiar with this site, we will give you a little background.

The Return to Wolf Creek 'BookApp'. was meant to be released around the same time as the film Wolf Creek 2 was being released. This was way back in June of 2012!

Unfortunately legal holdups for Emu Creek Pictures and unusual weather that had the desert covered in wild flowers put things on hold for much longer than expected.

We hope that fans of the original movie and new comers enjoy the new movie and have the interest to find out more about the original one via this BookApp.

Enjoy Mick's return ;-)


Wolf Creek 2 Trailer

24 October 2013

 At last!
Here is the Official Trailer for Wolf Creek 2:




iPad and iPhone App. both FREE for a bloodcurdlingly short time!

15 July 2013

 Hey Horror fans. It's been very quiet with no word from Emu Creek Pictures regarding WC 2 so we are releasing the iPad and iBook for FREE. Grab it while you can


IBook Reduced to 99c

11 June 2013

In anticipation of the Second Film in the Wolf Creek franchise we are please to announce the iBook 'Return to Wolf Creek' has been reduced for a limted time to 99c.


First pic from the Wolf Creek 2 camp

26 March 2013

Go checkout Dread Central for the first pic from the Wolf Creek 2 set:


Wolf Creek 2 about to start pre-production!!!

30 November -0001

 Yes it's true! Production of Wolf Creek 2 has been announced for commencement in January 2013. John Jarratt will reprise his roll as Mick Taylor. We will have more info to come from Writer/Director Greg Mclean in the weeks to come.

Tell us what you would like to see in a companion iBook/App. for the film.

We would love to hear your suggestions. Cheers

iPhone version available NOW!

19 July 2012

The iPhone version of 'Return to Wolf Creek' has just been released for all those horror fans without an iPad. It might be a smaller screen but it still has that atmosphere that only Greg Mclean can create.


iPhone version submitted for approval

30 November -0001

We have just uploaded the 'iPhone' version of 'Return to Wolf Creek' to the AppStore for approval. Lets see how long it takes this time!

We hope everyone is enjoying the trip back.

We are getting plenty of downloads but not so many screams posted on the website - don't worry if you freak the neighbours out!


At last!!!!!

14 June 2012

Return to Wolf Creek App approved!!

We are extremely happy to announce that the App will be available for download tomorrow (15th June 2012) at last!

Its a heft 480Mb due to the videos, wallpapers etc. so make sure you download through iTunes.

The App is available for $8.49 -  AWESOME value that includes the app and the availablity to be one of those destined for GRUESOME GREATNESS in Mick's Drawer of Screams on the companion website!!!

We hope you enjoy the trip back . . .

. . . and still we wait!

08 June 2012

We are getting very frustrated with Apple at the moment, no word on progress and no replies to our questions from the App Review Board except automated replies!!!

Here is a screen from the Trivia Section of the App to keep you interested in the mean time. By moving the torch light around the scene you can select photos and see Greg Mclean's personal comments. Mick's hat is there as well other items from the film.


Still waiting on Apple but . . .

05 June 2012

Welcome to the Return to Wolf Creek Companion website. We are still waiting on approvals by Apple so we can get the iBook into the AppStore. But we thought we might as well get the website up and running so you can at least get an idea of what you can expect when the App is finally available.

Good news though; we have begun working on the iPhone version now due to the delay at Apple's end so we might have the iPhone version out quicker than expected.


The iBook is Complete

27 April 2012

The interactive Horror iBook is now complete and is about to be deployed to Apple for the approval process to begin.

Below is a photo taken on Saturday 5th May 2012 at the Shock Horror Convention in Melbourne. John Jarratt anf Greg Mclean were there to give James Douglas a hand doing the first public screening of the iBook as well as do a 30 minute Q&A for fans.

Production screen shots

As we are approaching the finalisation of the iBook we thought a few teaser screens would be a good idea . . . .


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